Elisabeth Motsinger - ALumni Spotlight

Elisabeth Motsinger, PA, MA

April 2017

Elisabeth Motsinger received her Master of Arts in Bioethics in December 2013.

Elisabeth was very excited when the announcement was made about the founding of the Wake Forest Bioethics Graduate Program. As a practicing Physician Assistant for over 20 years, a committed environmentalist and an elected official of the Winston Salem Forsyth County Board of Education, she knew this program would combine her various interests and enable her to become more effective and observant. She also ran for the U.S. Congress while enrolled in the program.

The Bioethics graduate program kept Elisabeth’s interest in learning and staying curious about different points of view. What was moving to Elisabeth, on both a personal and intellectual level, was connecting to faculty and other professionals who cared passionately about health care policy, learning about the best ways to engage people as moral agents, and exploring the culture of practicing medicine.

She was impressed with the faculty, who have strong academic backgrounds. The rigor of the graduate program strengthened her ability to think deeply about issues. Learning how to approach problems from different angles has also served her well as a member of the School Board.

Elisabeth works in the health center at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts as a Physician Assistant. She enjoys talking with students about how they see their individual lives and their place as active participants in the world. She shares: “The work I do is influenced by my understanding of all people as moral agents and the responsibility to call that forth in patients regardless of their age or current medical needs. I will always be grateful for my time in the bioethics program for the commitment to continual learning that I’ve undertaken, but perhaps even more importantly for the relationships I formed that I continue to treasure.”