Emily Ansusinha, MA

Emily Ansusinha, MA

January 2017

Emily Ansusinha received her Master of Arts in Bioethics in May 2014.

Emily received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois. She majored in Religious Studies with a minor in Chemistry. Her senior thesis was on Islam and end of life decision making. One of her professors recommended that she look into bioethics graduate programs to bind her diverse interests together. The multidisciplinary nature of bioethics was a good fit for her interests in humanities and medicine.

What stands out for Emily about the Bioethics program at Wake Forest University was the amazing people she met, both fellow students and faculty. Her classmates came from all walks of life and their varied perspectives made class discussions very spirited and thought-provoking. She states that “the faculty did everything in their power to help students succeed both inside and outside the classroom.”

Emily attended bioethics conferences and lectures featuring guest speakers, and two had a significant impact; “Her Stories: Breast Cancer Narratives and Counter-Narratives” and “After the Genome: a Language for our Biotechnological Future.” Emily shares that both challenged her in different ways: the former to revise her opinion on pink ribbon culture and the latter to consider what it means to be human.

A favorite memory of Emily’s is when Nancy King, one of the Bioethics Program co-directors, joined her and a classmate at a trivia night at a local restaurant!

She is currently working at Wake Forest Baptist Health as an Associate Project Manager in the Office of Clinical Research. She also volunteers in the Pediatric Behavioral Health Unit of Brenner Children’s Hospital.

Her bioethics classes helped her navigate the many complex aspects of clinical research. Whether it is incidental findings, cultural competency and understanding, patents on new drugs, or equal access to health care, the personal engagement in the classes at Wake Forest’s Bioethics Graduate Program has given Emily a solid footing to deal with ethical issues that arise every day.

In her spare time, Emily loves to bake cupcakes, crochet, hang out with her dog, watch British crime shows, do yoga and, of course, attend trivia nights!