Mark Corbett, MD, MA - Alumni Spotlight

Mark Corbett, MD, MA

October 2016

Mark Corbett received a Master of Arts in Bioethics from Wake Forest University in May 2016.

As Mark was completing his Fellowship Training in Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, he began to realize how intertwined the ethical and clinical components of patient care are in his daily work. At the time, he felt ill equipped to successfully handle bioethical issues. Therefore, pursuing the master’s degree in the Bioethics Graduate program was a perfect complement to his clinical medical training.

Mark was impressed with the knowledgeable and supportive faculty and the ability to tailor the program to his bioethical interests. Flexibility and the ability to customize the program to both his personal and work schedule were crucial to his success.

Mark notes that the program gave him the tools to navigate the bioethical issues that arise in the everyday clinical work of taking care of patients with life-threatening illness and at the end of life. Specific issues that often arise are withholding or withdrawing life sustaining treatment, voluntarily stopping eating and drinking, palliative sedation, and surrogate decision making.

The program has not only given Mark the tools to successfully navigate these issues; it has also equipped him with the skills necessary to write critically on these matters. A recent commentary he authored, entitled “Death with Dignity or without?” appeared this summer in the journal Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics. Mark believes he has a unique skill set that allows him to provide the best comprehensive care for patients and their loved ones.

Mark currently is the Associate Medical Director for the Hospice & Palliative Care Center in Winston Salem, North Carolina.