Global Health & Global Ethics

A 7-Topic Series of Articles

These documents were prepared by Mary A. Pallilonis, MD, MA as part of her requirements for earning her Master of Arts in Bioethics degree from Wake Forest University. These documents may be used separately or together. The series introduces students to important topics in global health and to the structure and function of healthcare systems. The series also introduces some important macro-ethical considerations in global health. The intended audience for these articles is students at the undergraduate and graduate level who have an interest in becoming informed participants in global health.

  • Ebola 2014-15 An Introduction to Global Health and Global Health Ethics

  • Global Health: The Current State of Affairs

  • A Brief History of Global Health

  • Health Systems and Tuberculosis

  • HIV, AIDS and Research Ethics

  • Global Surgery and Global Health Metrics

  • Mental Health and the Cultural Context of Global Health